Customer service, quality fresh meats, and homemade specialty products have been our cornerstone for over 80 years.


Alewel's Meats Original Building

Alewel’s Meats Original Building 1932

Alewel’s Country Meats was founded in 1932 and is a federal inspected meat processing facility in Warrensburg, Missouri.  In 1932, Hugo and Dick Alewel created what is today known as Alewel’s Country Meats.   The business started in a small downtown grocery store in Concordia, Missouri.  And in 1975, the family expanded with the facility in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Randy Alewel is the third generation owner of Alewel’s Country Meats.  His father, Roger, joined Hugo and Dick in the business in 1964.  Hugo passed away in 1977, but his wife, Esther, continued working until 1995 when she retired at the experienced age of 82.  Randy joined the business in 1984 after completing his degree at the University of Missouri.  He has expanded the Warrensburg facility four times with the most recent additions being a contemporary/rustic retail facility and a distribution center.

Huge and Dick Alewel

Hugo and Dick Alewel

The services include:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Private labeling
  • Custom beef
  • Pork, lamb and game processing
  • Catering
  • Mail order
  • Drop shipment


Quality fresh meats and homemade specialty products are the cornerstone of the company. The German heritage is reflected in the sausage products and customer service. When Grandpa started the business over 80 years ago, he developed his sausage from old German recipes that had been past down for years. That flavor and quality is what continues to be provided to our customers today.