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Once you have tasted home-made mustard it will have an established place in your refrigerator. EXCELLENT on Country Ham Sandwiches or mild cured ham. Slice ham into desired number of 3/4 inch steaks. Score edge to keep slices from curling. Bar-b-que on grill 5 minutes, turn, spread with sweet mustard and bar-b-que another 5 minutes.

Home-made Sweet Mustard
1 cup vinegar
3 oz. mustard
2 eggs slightly beated
1 cup sugar
Pinch salt

Combine vinegar and mustard, let stand overnight. (Be careful about blending so it does not get lumpy.) Mix remaining ingredients, dissolve sugar. Add vinegar mixture, bring to boil. Boil until mixture coats spoon. 5-10 minutes. Keeps well in refrigerator.

We strongly recommend the use of a meat thermometer.