Customer service, quality fresh meats, and homemade specialty products have been our cornerstone for over 85 years.



Our daughter and her family are at Whiteman AFB. Every time we visit we have to stop at your shop. My husband loves beef sticks of all kinds, but now he wont eat any except yours. You make the BEST beef sticks in the world and we are so glad we can now order them on the web.
Linda Phoenix, Wyoming
Alewel's has the best of everything.  The Jalapeño and Peppered Bacon are fantastic!
Vickie Snyder Carrillo
I've had my deer processed other places and they do a good job, but a couple of years ago, I had a chance to sample some deer summer sausage from your shop and all I could say was WOW!! It was the best I'd ever tasted. So, needless to say you're my processor now.   The sausage, the jerkeys, the burger...all A+ product!!
Joe Larson
I process a deer through Alewels once a year. I've never had a bad experience. Very good place of business. I would strongly recommend the deer jerky. By far the best I've had
Bryant McCartney
Great friendly service and very clean!!
Tyler Utz
I've been eating Alewel's foods for over 50 years, going back to the early days when they were located in Concordia, MO. You simply find quality meat products. I've eaten summer sausages around the world and have found none better than Alewel's.
Rich Lawson
Alewel's Country Meats is known for their prize winning country hams, bacon, and sausage which are produced from the freshest meat of mid-Missouri. With a legacy of over 70 years
Tribute To Alewel’S Country Meats
I used to live in Warrensburg, and always bought my meat at Alewel's. I was never disappointed they were always very friendly and courteous.