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State and National Recognition

All three generations have been inducted into the Missouri Association of Meat Processors Hall of Fame, and the American Association of Meat Processors Hall of Fame. Over the years, Alewel’s Country Meats have received over 300 State and National Product Awards for quality. The most awarded products traditionally are the Bacon, Summer Sausage, Jerky, and Ham.

American Association of Meat Processor (AAMP) Awards

The Cured Meat Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize individuals that have shown a long-standing excellence in the production of cured meats. One person per year will be selected to receive the award unless otherwise recommended. Award winners have been actively participated in the American Cured Meat Championships for several years, state cured meat shows, demonstrated exceptional ability in the production of cured meats, been involved in AAMP activities, and willing to share knowledge and information with others in the meat industry.

  • Randy Alewel – 2004
  • Roger Alewel – 2004
  • Hugo Alewel – 1989

The Outstanding Service Award is an honor to be bestowed on affiliated associations, officers, secretaries or leaders by AAMP. In 1995 the board of Directors voted to identify these associations and/or leaders whose dedication and enthusiasm have elevated the association to an outstanding degree. This award will recognize noteworthy state, regional, or provincial associations or remarkable leaders.

  • Ronnie Alewel – 2003

The Achievement Award is AAMP’s highest honor bestowed on an AAMP member for continuing service to the meat industry.

  • Randy and Teresa Alewel – 2017
  • Roger and Ronnie Alewel – 1997