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Jerky 6 Month Subscription Box


Beef Jerky Delivered to your Door every Month! 

6 Months of award-winning jerky for only $199.99 that’s just $33.33/month!

That’s right! You can get all the beef jerky you have ever wished for shipped directly to your door every month. Quit paying for expensive tasteless beef jerky at the gas station and grab a hold of award-winning jerky every month. The best beef jerky can now be shipped nationwide. This is the best gift for any beef jerky connoisseur!

What you’ll get:

Featuring: Alewel’s Reserve Beef Jerky Line, Alewel’s “Real Simple Magazine” National Award winning jerky, Alewel’s National Award winning Snack Sticks, Alewel’s Old Timer Jerky. To sum it up, we will be sending all of our BEST JERKY products throughout your subscription, for you to try!

*We will never send you a package that only contains Spicy Jerky, unless you ask for it!*

Alewel’s Reserve Beef Jerky:

  • Original Beef Jerky – 85 years in the making
  • Crackin Pepper Beef Jerky – Just the right amount of pepper
  • Kickin Cajun Beef Jerky – Perfect mix of spice and tender taste*
  • Flamin Hot Beef Jerky – Spicy yet delicious jerky*

Alewel’s Award Winning Muscle Jerky:

  • Beef – Real Simple Magazine Award Winner, also our Best Seller!
  • Ghost Pepper – This stuff is hot! Yet the heat only last a few moments!*
  • Pork – This is one of our most flavorful products with garlic and brown sugar!

Alewel’s Award Winning Snack Sticks:

  • Beef – Classic Beef Jerky Taste
  • Beef with Cheese and Jalapenos – All the flavors your mouth can handle
  • BBQ – For a taste of that sweet BBQ zing
  • Teriyaki – A bit of an Asian flavor mixed into perfection
  • Venison – Made with real Deer Meat
  • Buffalo – Made with real Buffalo Meat
  • Pork – A Sweet and very soft texture

Old Timer Jerky:

  • Beef – Get ready to chew!
  • Venison – Chewing on the flavor from the woods!
  • Buffalo – A very lean and savory flavor!

Learn how we make our award winning beef jerky here.