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Alewel’s Reserve Beef Jerky Sampler Pack


Four 3oz Packages

Owners of Alewel’s Country Meats have dedicated their lives serving in the Armed Forces. With your beef jerky purchase, we are sending a portion of the same product overseas to soldiers in the line of duty. We hope that our efforts will provide a taste of home and the energy to keep protecting the USA.

  • Made with only the good stuff! Ingredients that you can pick up at your local grocery store. No ingredients that you have never heard of!
  • The best beef jerky can now be shipped nationwide. This is the best gift for any beef jerky connoisseur!
  • A savory flavor that you will not be able to put down!
  • Original Beef Jerky – This is the kind of Jerky that isn’t going to Jerk-you-around!
  • Crackin Pepper Beef Jerky – Are you the one that asks the waiter to just hand over the “pepper cracker” at the restaurant?
  • Kickin Cajun Beef Jerky – Taste like a flavor you would find on Bourbon Street, luckily doesn’t smell anything like Bourbon Street.
  • Flamin Hot Beef Jerky – This stuff is Hot, like supermodel Hot!