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Alewel’s Reserve Flamin’ Hot Beef Jerky


Flamin’ Hot Beef Jerky

Four 3oz Packages

Warning: Alewel’s Flamin’ Hot Beef Jerky will light your mouth on fire! Just kidding, but it’s a lot of heat and only experienced spicy beef jerky eaters should take on this tender, tasty jerky. Come for the heat and stay for the taste with Alewel’s Flamin’ Hot Beef Jerky. Try it today with Free Shipping! This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s life is a bit spicy!


  • Spice up the night, afternoon, or even morning! This jerky is sure to get your taste buds standing at full attention!
  • This stuff is Hot, like supermodel Hot!
  • You may want to be close to a fire hydrant, kinda hot! Yet it still has a sweet finish!
  • We were going to put a Warning label on the package for the heat it brings, but thought, nah, it’s not like it has put anybody in the hospital…yet!

Learn how we make our award-winning Flamin Hot Beef Jerky here!