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Heat-&-Eat BBQ’d Sandwich Meats


If you like your butt rubbed and pork pulled, you are in the right spot! We rub all our Pork Butts with our special blend of seasonings and spices, Hickory Smoked for 12+ hours and Hand Pulled. It is the little things that makes it the best in the Midwest! If you want to look like a BBQ Guru and not even dirty your smoker, you are in the right spot! Let us do all the leg work and we will even let you take all the credit! Each order comes with 3 pounds of delicious BBQ’d Sandwich Meat!

Like Pork? We have three options that you must try!

  • Pulled Pork, this is our bread and butter!
  • BBQ’d Pulled Pork, this is our top notch Pulled Pork that is sauced in our savory BBQ Sauce!
  • Southern Style Pulled Pork, this is our pork that is cured with a Sugar/Salt blend comparable to the flavor of ham, then we double smoked, so it just melts in your mouth!

Like Beef and Chicken? Yep we have that too!

  • Chopped BBQ Brisket, our Brisket is slow smoked and will down right knock your socks off! Here are the cliff notes: Rubbed, Hickory Smoked, Chopped, Sauced and ready to make you look like a Meat Master!
  • Smoked Pulled Chicken, this boneless chicken meat is rubbed down with a special blend on spices and then covered in honey. We Hickory Smoke it to perfection and then Hand Pull it in true artisan fashion.

Each order contains 3 pounds of Fully Cooked BBQ’d Sandwich Meat, enough to feed 12-15 people.